Cobblestone - Single Family Subdivision

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Our Neighborhood

Welcome to all of our new homeowners and our community residents. We hope that you will find our web-site useful and a source of community information. To those of you who are visiting our Cobblestone community web-site, please enjoy it and consider our community for your future housing needs. Cobblestone is a single family subdivision located in the East Arlington area of Jacksonville, Florida. The major intersection by our neighborhood is Monument & McCormick Road. Our neighborhood is made up of 499 single family residential lots. When our subdivision was designed by Dostie Brothers, the developer, Covenant and Restrictions were and still are attached to each lot and are mandatory.  As of March 2013, Dostie Brothers, turn over the legal rights to us and now the C&R's are under the guidance of the communities’ association. Our requested annual dues  of  $50.00 is payable in March. Payment can be made by mail or using your bank's ACH program. Members whose dues are up to date will have voting rights towards the operation of the community.  The annual meeting is held each year in the month of January. Our fiscal year runs from March to February.  Below are our 5 C’s for continued success of our neighborhood.


Ways to make our  subdivision a better place

To live, grow, enjoy and maintain value.


about your home, your neighborhood, your investment and telling others about your association


by being a member of your association and being involved, by using your unique God given talents and abilities to help the association to serve this community and encourage continued success


by getting to know your neighbors and getting to know your association


by learning and growing in knowledge about your neighborhood and helping to make it a better place


by helping to prepare and participate in association meetings and other functions


Please enjoy this site and feel free to make suggestions for improvement.



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